Dave Schmidt

VP of Sales, over 40 years in the heating and cooling business.


Kevin Field

Pyro’s Service and Inventory Manager.  Kevin has 11 years of HVAC experience with furnaces, gas / oil, boilers, air conditioners and heat pumps. Kevin also has 7 years experience in inventory and management. Kevin  is truly one of the finest problem solvers for HVAC around.  Kevin has Multiple EPA, &  N A T E certifications. Kevin is Pyro’s ” Go To ” Person.


Mike Vaccaro

Mike works in service & install, He has an associate degree from Washtenaw CC. he has become a expert in boiler service, Mike has been Working in the industry for 7 yrs, Mike has Multiple EPA, &  N A T E certifications.

Andrew-Kime-Installer-214x300 Andrew Kime

Andrew has been working in the industry since 2013, Andrew is an expert installer,   Andrew has  Multiple EPA, &  N A T E certifications.


Rusty Taylor

Rusty has been working in the industry since  2005 mainly as an  installer. He is a true expert, there is no installation Rusty can’t handle. Rusty has Multiple EPA, &  N A T E certifications.


Jon Coons

Jon Coons, Jon has been working in HVAC Since the late 00’s he completed the certificate program I HVAC at Northwestern Institute he has multile EPA certifications


Dave-Schmidt-2012 Tyler Field

Tyler is working in Service & installation , and started in HVAC in 2015






Nate has many years of experience helping customers choose the best heating and cooling options to fit their needs.




Bryan has the expertise and knowledge to address all of your home comfort needs.