Enrolling in our Service Club means locking-in savings and receiving priority service. Here’s how the benefits break down:

Annual Servicing

Members receive free annual equipment servicing and cleaning. Studies continuously find that HVAC equipment that is cleaned and adjusted on a yearly basis costs 10-15% less to operate. Even the U.S. Department of Energy’s website agrees, (www.epa.gov/homecooling or www.epa.gov/homeheating); the savings are real. If you pay $2,000.00 in yearly utilities, your average annual savings will be $200-$300. At this rate of savings, you’ll be saving more than joining the club costs.

Repair Discounts

Club members automatically qualify for discounts on all repairs, saving a minimum of $18.00, and up to $178.00.

Priority Service

During periods of severe weather our services are in high demand. As a Club member, you will be on our priority list. Our Club members go to the top of the list!

Reduce Inconvenience & Failure

A major HVAC manufacturer has reported that dirt is the number one cause of poor performance and breakdowns. Systems that are cleaned and adjusted on a regular basis run more efficiently, consume less energy, and have up to a 31% lower breakdown rate.


When we service your HVAC equipment we check all safety controls. Because club members receive check-ups at regular intervals your equipment is less likely to malfunction.


We keep all your air quality equipment in top shape with recommended replacement media to assure your home environment is healthy.


Your system will be running like clockwork so you and your family will be comfortable.

How much does it really cost?

For Pricing Contact the Office at 517-548-2114.