HVAC Howell Michigan

Spring has finally arrived in Howell, Michigan! Unfortunately, that means another month or two of rain, and the saying “spring showers bring May flowers” only does so much to help you feel better about your soaking wet shoes and muddy kitchen. But keep faith and you’ll soon be able to enjoy the tulips. And before you know it, the heat will set in and you’ll be wishing for fall again! Oh, Michigan weather. So before the heat does set in, it’s time to make sure your HVAC system and the air conditioner is working efficiently so you can have confidence throughout the summer that you’ll have a cool environment to retreat to.

To make sure everything is working as it should and the system is ready for the summer, follow this spring HVAC checklist. And if you want a reliable and friendly contractor to give you a hand and to look for potential problems, give Pyro Heating and Cooling a call.

HVAC Howell MichiganClear a Path

Even though Michiganders love their flower gardens, it’s important to keep enough open space surrounding your air conditioner. If there are trees close to the unit, prune back any low-hanging branches that could potentially fall and damage it. Be sure that there is about five feet of space above the unit. Do the same with any bushes that may surround the AC unit. This will allow it to have space to “breathe” and operate efficiently. If a repair technician is needed to fix any problems, keeping a clear path will allow them to easily access the system.

Replace the Filter

This step is easy enough to do by yourself and is potentially the most important step to ensuring your air conditioner is running properly. Just like the air filter in your car, a dirty or old filter causes the car to run inefficiently and can cause issues with gas mileage. So when your HVAC system has a dirty air filter, it can lead to poor indoor air quality and can slow the heating and cooling process. This is especially important if anyone in your family has allergies. A clean air filter will more effectively remove any allergens coming into the home through your air conditioner.

Check the Belts

The HVAC system has many moving parts, and the belts keep everything moving and working properly. One belt connects the blower to the motor, which can wear out over time. If this belt were to break, the entire system won’t work. Checking this belt will ensure that you can rely on the unit to last all summer long.

HVAC Howell MichiganSafety Component

Your AC unit will have a safety component that detects any problems with the system, such as unusual pressure, temperatures, voltages, current, and many other issues. If any of these were to fail, the safety component will let you know. If a part of your unit fails, get in touch with Pyro Heating and Cooling and one of our contractors will be there to repair the air conditioner.

Maintenance Check

When you want to be 100 percent confident that your HVAC system will last through the summer, have a qualified HVAC specialist complete a maintenance check. The professionals at Pyro Heating and Cooling will know what to look for and exactly how to fix it if it’s not working as it should. The contractor will inspect the unit’s filters, belts, thermostat and refrigerant, safety controls, and will look for any duct leaks in the system. Leaks in the ducts could prevent the system from efficiently creating cold air.

Even though it might be rainy and cool now, summer is just around the corner in Howell. To ensure that you and your family are comfortable in your home, work with the HVAC specialists at Pyro Heating and Cooling. Learn more about what we can do for you and sign up for our Service Club to receive repair and maintenance discounts.