Happy Halloween from the Howell HVAC professionals! In this blog, we’re going to share some of the scariest stories from our HVAC adventures. Not all calls are quick fixes—in fact, some HVAC problems will send shivers down your spine and leave you screaming in terror. Experience the horror of HVAC with these short stories!

Nightmare on HVAC Street

We knew you shouldn’t have watched the mysterious VHS tape that showed up on your front door. It literally said “don’t watch this video” on the label. But you watched it anyway, and now there’s water all over the floor of your home. Is it because a young woman who was thrown into a well hundreds of years ago is now coming to end your life by flooding your home and stealing your soul? Not quite, but the reality of the situation is just as terrifying.

Water on the floor could be a sign of a leak in your HVAC unit—and if you watch your unit leak for too long, you’ll be dealing with scream-inducing water damage in your home. Nooooooooo!

Call the HVAC professionals, and have them root out this spooky HVAC problem before it gets worse.

The Exorcism of the Hot Water Heater

What’s that sound? Who’s there? Something (or someone) is making loud banging sounds in your home in the middle of the night, but everyone appears to be asleep. Is there a serial killer haunting your home before he goes in for the kill? Is your home haunted by a young child from the 1800s with a sad backstory?

Unfortunately, the real problem is just as scary. Your hot water heater has been possessed by sediment, and it must be exorcised by a plumbing professional. Once the sediment has been cast from the tank, all will be well in your home once again.

Night of the Living Ducts

One night, you’re sound asleep in your bed. But then you wake up suddenly because of a strange, unidentifiable smell coming from your HVAC system. The worst part? It smells like dirty gym socks. Did a poltergeist leave his ghostly socks in your air ducts as a prank? No, no, no—it’s something much worse. It’s mold, and IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU WATCH OUT!

A smelly HVAC system is often a sign of mold—a silent killer in your home. Don’t live this horror story, and get your air ducts cleaned as soon as possible.

Rosemary’s Energy Bill

It’s an ordinary day, and you’re hanging out at your house, safe and sound. That’s when you hear a knock at your door. It’s the postman, and he hands you a single envelope and says “good luck.” You begin to open the envelope, and your hands begin to tremble while a bead of sweat rolls down your forehead. This isn’t a spooky letter from your grandmother who “died three years ago”—it’s something much spookier. You open the contents of the letter and GASP! It’s your energy bill, and you owe twice as much as you did last month! Eeeeeeeeeek!

A huge energy bill is by far the most horrific item on our list—we’re getting chills just thinking about it! Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence for those who have HVAC units that aren’t operating at their very best. Save yourself from this horrific fate, and get your HVAC unit maintenanced by the professionals at Pyro Heating and Cooling for maximum energy savings.